[How does rice keep away from insects?

】 _How to save_Save method

[How does rice keep away from insects?
】 _How to save_Save method

Rice is one of the staple foods that we like to eat in our daily lives, and rice produced in different regions will have different tastes.

Some people prefer steamed rice, some people like fried rice, others like soup and rice, etc. In short, rice will still provide some nutrition to the human body.

Sometimes we buy a lot of rice at one time, so the question comes, how can rice be kept free of insects?

First, the following methods are used to preserve rice without insects. The garlic pest control method places several cloves of garlic in a rice storage container, and the container is tightly closed to prevent the effect of insect protection.

2. The bottled insect-proof method can put the bagged rice into beverage bottles, and it can also be stored for a long time without insects.

3. The pepper anti-insect method uses several pieces of gauze to wrap some pepper grains separately, put them in a container for rice, and place them in different positions on the top, middle and bottom, and then tightly cover the container.

4. Dry kelp insect control method put some dried kelp in the rice, the ratio of rice to kelp is about 100: 1, it is recovered and dried every 10 days or so, and then put back into the rice tank.

This method can be used repeatedly and can effectively prevent rice mildew and insects.

5. The edible alkali insect-proof method lay some edible alkali on the bottom of the container containing rice, and then lay plastic cloth on it, then enlarge the rice, and close the container tightly to prevent insects.

Pack rice in a sealed bag, soak the bag directly in the cooked peppercorn water and dry it, and prevent reinfestation when you refill the rice.

Second, the damage of rice insects1, rice elephants are one of the important storage pests, mainly for storage 2?
The 3-year-old grain has strong reproduction ability and large appetite, thus causing huge losses to grain storage.

2, eating rice worms is not harmful to the body.

Rice will generally grow rice bugs. Businesses are afraid of complaints. Generally, they are killed by highly toxic gases (of course, they are gone, and international practices do so), so they are afraid of residues.

On the contrary, long rice worms are still safe, just like vegetable worms.

If you are not allergic to alloproteins, eating rice bugs is fine.

3. Rice elephant is a pest that grows in corn, rice, wheat, sorghum and other grains.

But in general, rice elephants eat grains and so on, so it won’t bite people, so don’t worry too much.