[Black Chicken Angelica Red Date Wolfberry Soup]_Traditional Chinese Medicine Soup_How to cook

[Black Chicken Angelica Red Date Wolfberry Soup]_Traditional Chinese Medicine Soup_How to cook

Silky chickens are not as oily as old hens, and are relatively more popular. They are usually cooked with wolfberry, yam, and sometimes radishes.

In fact, you can also add a little Chinese medicine when cooking black chicken soup. Angelica, Astragalus is a good match, but Astragalus can not be eaten with radish.

This article introduces the practice of Chinese black angelica red jujube and wolfberry soup.

Angelica astragalus and red dates and wolfberry can be brewed as a single tea, and can also be used as a soup with other ingredients.

Let ‘s take a look at the practice of Angelica sinensis Astragalus Jujube and Chinese wolfberry soup: 1. Preparation materials: Angelica sinensis, Astragalus, Jujube, Chinese wolfberry, and black chicken.

2. First, soak all medicinal materials except wolfberry with water for a few minutes or so and wash them for later use.

3, then chop black chicken into large pieces, boil a pot of water, add black chicken and cook for 3 minutes, remove most of the blood and fat of black chicken, the soup is clearer and sweeter.

4. Add the medicinal materials outside the wolfberry to the black pot, add 10 bowls of water, and cook on a high heat for 2 hours, then put the washed wolfberry and cook for 5 minutes before adding salt.

Angelica yellow quantum jujube and Chinese wolfberry are all composed of four flavors of Chinese medicinal materials. Needless to say, the medicinal value is high, so what are its specific effects and functions?

Let’s take a look together now: 1. The jujube is warm in nature and sweet in taste. It has the effects of nourishing qi and blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and holding the wind. It is a nourishing and nourishing product for women.

2. Codonopsis has the effects of enhancing immunity, dilating blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, improving microcirculation, and enhancing hematopoietic function.

3. Lycium barbarum has certain significant effects on the treatment of liver and kidney yin deficiency, waist and knee weakness, dizziness, forgetfulness, dizziness, dizziness and tears, thirst, and nocturnal emission.

4. Astragalus is beneficial to Qi-solid surface, astringent sweat solids, acne sore and muscle, and water swelling.

Angelica yellow brown jujube and Chinese wolfberry is a medicated diet supplement, so is Angelica astragalus and red jujube Chinese wolfberry a proper taboo?

Let’s take a look together now: 1. Red dates cannot be eaten with green onions or they will catch fire; they cannot be eaten with shrimp skins or they will be poisoned; they cannot be eaten with catfish or they will cause hair loss; they cannot be eaten with seafood.Otherwise, it will cause pain in the waist and abdomen; it cannot be eaten with cucumber and radish, otherwise the nutritional value of red dates will be destroyed.

2. Astragalus cannot be eaten with radish, and pregnant women should not take astragalus.

3, Angelica has no food taboos, but those who are hot and bleeding are forbidden to take, those who are full in wet and those who have bowel movements are advised to take it with caution.

4, wolfberry can not be eaten with green tea, dog meat, beef, milk.